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My latest movie project, made for the annual fractal art contest 2014 on fractalforums. com. Voting is over and it really made the first place! So sit back and enjoy this award winning music video!

Stitched this together in a single 14 hour session. Still don’t know what happend during that time, but I guess it’s one of my better works. The clips were made during the last two years and were rendered in mandelbulber, both on cpu and openCL gpu rendering.

The workflow was supported by libre office calc for basic math operations like interpolation or randomization and notepad++ for merging the morphing parameters into the camera path.

cinema 4d was used for the background fog on intro and outro and the video editing was made in Blender.

A special thanks to “The Black Parrot” (theblackparrot. bandcamp.com) for the fantastic sound-track “divergence”.


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