Playing with the language of mathematics


Playing with the language of mathematics


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Campinas-Brazil, 2017: video produced as part of the "matematicaS" project for the National Week of Science and Technology. Coordination by the research group Phala (Education, Language and Cultural Practices) from Faculty of Education, State University of Campinas (Unicamp). Jackeline Mendes (coordinator), Alexandrina Monteiro, Antonio Miguel, Carol Gama, Carolina Tamayo, Evanilson Tavares de França Juciara Guimarães, Maria Aparecida Mendes de Oliveira, Márcia Maria Bento Marim, Norma Trindade.
Production, script: Patricia Santos, Ana Paula Zaguetto
Direction, recording, editing: Ana Paula Zaguetto
Actors: Angélica Matos and Murilo Murilo Amaral
Direction assistant: Bruna Epiphanio
Ilustration, graphic design: Thales Lira
Lighting: Attílio Andrade
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National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Ministry of Science, Tecnology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), Federal Government.

Space, time and human communication - matematicaS project

Space, time and human communication. The calendars in western culture and in South American indigenous, among other practices to interpret the time. This is one of the videos from project “matemáticaS”, a series of 5 short stories approaching math through a cultural perspective (in Portuguese).



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