MENACE: the pile of matchboxes which can learn


MENACE: the pile of matchboxes which can learn


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The MENACE crew were: Alison Clarke, Andrew Taylor, Ash Frankland, David Williams, Katie Steckles, Matthew Scroggs, Paul Taylor, Sam Headleand and Zoe Griffiths
Matthew Parker

Footage of a live experience where an AI was trained to win at Tic Tac Toe by using matchboxes filled with plastic beads to adjust probabilities based on past games.

See more data and check out what we changed on the second day (which caused MENACE to learn a different strategy) in the second video:

Check out Matt Scroggs’s original blog post about MENACE and in the amazing Chalkdust magazine.http://www. mscroggs.

Play against the online version of MENACE: http://www. mscroggs.


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