Maths Week at Work


Maths Week at Work


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The series was produced by the University of Edinburgh and Aarolfilm. It was funded by the University of Edinburgh and Maths Week Scotland.

Maths Week at work is a series of brief videos, aimed at showing to our teenagers the beauty and applicability of Mathematics, as well as the range of careers this discipline can open up.

The series of five episodes was produced by the University of Edinburgh in the occasion of Maths Week Scotland 2018, and can be used by secondary school teachers as an educational resource.

In each of the episodes a Maths graduate explains how they use Maths in their current job, and presents a puzzle which is somehow related to their job. A solution to the puzzle is given in a separate video.

The five Maths graduates work in a range of job sectors, from video game design to the actuarial sector, from education to transport modeling.

Above you can find the first video of the series. For further details and to watch the remaining nine videos (including solutions to the puzzles), visit:

https://www. maths. ed.




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