Universal Standing Wave Principle Mathlapse


Universal Standing Wave Principle Mathlapse


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Standing wave theory and Morphodynamic archetypes Sphere-vortex connection

The tripartite communion between the sphere, spiral and language involves a conceptual leap clarifying the relationships of the hierarchies of shape as becoming, from the sphere through the spiral to and into the symbol, a connection systematically exemplified during the conceptual narrative approach that clarifies by systemizing the origin, essence and hierarchy of the diversity of shape in the mineral, biological, animal, and especially human world, a creativity almost exclusively based on symbolic thinking levers

     Universal Morphodynamic principle of Sphere-Vortex






 A transdisciplinary comprehensive approach to nonlinear phenomena

in fluids induced by acoustic stimulation.

Consonant proto-languages and the hierarchy of

biomorphic standing waves


Key words: archetype, sound, vibration, fluid, sphere, vortex, ideal city, standing wave, biomorphic, language, morphodynamic, computational,


            Sound visualization is one of the ancestral human dreams. Capturing the image of the ephemeral sound still concerns scientific environments. Almost everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. Clarification of hierarchies, of the origin and consubstantiality of form with the natural language algorithm, inextricably grafted on phenomenal synergies, places form as a result of standing waves interferences in conjunction with symbolic inferences induced by language. Thus the cosmos is reduced to expressing order through sphere, a real brick of the open immeasurable, infinite construct, that punctually resides in the geometry of spheres with toroidal, discoid or spiral morphodynamic vicinities. This geometric minimalism allows for the infinitesimal thinness of terrestrial biosphere surface of all morphological diversity, subject to permanent rhythmic structuring and destructuring.

Dr. Arte Vizuale Gabriel Kelemen

Timişoara, 2016


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