Objets exposés/modules interactifs

Les «modules interactifs» sont des sculptures, puzzles, jeux, papiers créatifs, etc. – tout module avec lequel on peut interagir physiquement. Ici, vous trouverez des dessins techniques et directives pour construire ces modules.

Discussion game on AI and Future

3D printed chords of three notes.

Sit down on the bench with a friend. Touch the armrests while you hold hands and you will hear a twinkling melody.

Create your own instrument with the synthesizer by using the keyboard. Use the four knobs on the synthesizer to select different instruments and get started!

A very small LED casts a shadow of a 3D printed globe onto a wall, illustrating stereographic projection. The globe can be freely rotated by a visitor, to see the changes...

In this hands-on set, MO-Labs presents its 3d print wireframe versions of some of the most classical symmetric solids for non-commercial use: platonic solids, archimedean...