secret alphabets


secret alphabets



Emeği Geçenler

Torsten Stier
holy orange

An animated 3d fractal music video

Pure entertainment video with a mathematical touch.

Most of the clips base on the amazing surf formula, a derivation of the mandelbox, which starts out with a 2 dimensional membrane, to apply 3d transformations to it. One clip is a mandelbox, one clip is a 3d Kaleidoscopic IFS and one is pseudo kleinian hybrid.

Remarkable is, that it is completely implemented in open source software - including the motion tracking for the intro.

Tools were:

  • mandelbulber - fractal rendering
  • Blender - motion tracking, video editing
  • libre office calc - basic math, mostly interpolation and random field generation, that were used to find nice parameter combinations
  • notepad++ - manual parameter editing and extracting csv data from parameter files

and several other software - a complete list can be found in the credits at the end of the movie



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