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BatWing Main Production File.


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Designers // Marvin Bratke,Christian Tschersich Design to Production// Martin Manegold Partners// FabLab Berlin
Marvin Bratke
Christian Teschersich
FabLab Berlin
Martin Manegold
Marvin Bratke
Christian Tschersich

The BatWing sculpture represents a tangible way to approach mathematics. The sculpture, based on a triple periodic minimal surface, physically expresses the forces inside the structure to give visitors an appeal to applied geometry solutions.

The BatWing sculpture was conceived during the Math Creations Competition 2017, were BART//BRATKE in collaboration with StudioDE won with their concept for a triple periodic minimal surface to be constructed from single load bearing stripes. As the piece rises at the center of the exhibition, expressing tensile forces along the way, a juxtaposition is revealed between the elements’ coloration strategy. The play on the curvature of the surfaces varies perception, allowing the sculpture to be read in multiple ways while experiencing it from different angles.

The assembly logic partitions the base minimal batwing surface, which is relaxed before via physical simulation, to express local forces and curvature logic inside the structure. On the tracks of Frei Otto the piece is exploring extensive curvature to create load bearing elements based on the applied physical tension of the mountings. A performative ornament is introduced that gives the visitor information of the varying forces inside the structure, while the stripe morphology, which color scheme is inspired by ship camoflage, gives information about the curvature graph of the alligning triangles of the mesh structure as well informing about the assembly method. The assembly is further facilitated through indexing the overlapping flaps and the unique color scheme. Each one of the 120 elements is unique in geometry and color, so that the sculpture can only be assemble in one way.

The assembly and production process is increased via precise design decisions and file-to-factory methodologies that directly influenced the design process from the beginning to streamline the production. The laser-cut unique pieces were assembled and produced with the help of FabLab Berlin.  The sculpture is a joint design effort of BART//BRATKE and StudioDE with the help of Martin Manegold, who was responsible for optimization processes of the production files.



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