Spherical mirror rooms

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Spherical mirror rooms
Find here the svg drawing files to realise each of the three mirror rooms. The material to be use is PMMA mirror thickness 5mm.


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This exhibition is part of the project "Labosaique en classe" developped by the Mathematics Laboratory "Nicolas Oresme" of Université de Caen Normandie(France) https://www.lmno.cnrs.fr/ Our mirror rooms are inspired from the exhibition "Simmetria, giochi di specchi" at the Department of Mathematics "F. Enriques" of the Universita' Statale, Milan http://specchi.mat.unimi.it/ This work was realized thanks to the laser cutters of the Fablab du Dôme (Caen)

Removable mirror rooms enabling to visualize spherical tesselations and platonic solids

We show in this exhibition three mirror rooms based on the three symmetry groups of the platonic solids : group of the tetrahedron, group of the cube-octahedron, group of the dodecahedron-icosahedron.

Each of those mirror rooms is constitued of three mirror sheets arranged so that the three corresponding mirrror symmetries generate the related symmetry group. Hence in one given mirror room we can display all the polyhedra having the same symmetries : for instance we can display the troncated octahedron or the rhombic dodecahedron  in the cubical mirror room. We also can display tesselations of the sphere like the soccer ball.

The great value of this dispositif is to be removable and easy to transporte.


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