Comic: We need to talk, AI


Comic: We need to talk, AI


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Authors of the exhibit: Dr. Julia Schneider and Lena Ziyal
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Carl Zeiss Foundation

Yes, let’s talk. About the foundation of my technology and the opportunities I bring to society. But also about the risks — and how we sometimes misunderstand each other. In which areas is artificial intelligence already helping people? Do you know of any areas in which artificial intelligence is yet to be introduced or should be more prominent? What risks do new technologies pose that worry you?

The authors of this comic essay Julia Schneider and Lena Ziyal have the following opinion on these questions: “We believe that technical solutions, including AI, can somehow function as a catalyst that initiates and influences changes within ourselves and within societies. An AI may not be able to resolve all injustices, but it can raise questions about how we want to live. Since we were little, we, and perhaps you too, have dreamt of living in a better, fairer, and friendlier world in which each of us has from the moment we are born approximately the same privileges and opportunities for well-being and fulfillment. […] And even though a utopia has yet to be shaped, we are in desperate need of it. This will set the direction in which we are heading. But the first step has been made: What can AI help us with? Where do we have to be careful? What do you think? Let your voice be heard and your point of view be seen.”


You can download the comic (several languages available) and get more information on the website.


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