Bottles and Oceanography


Bottles and Oceanography


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Presented by Inria and Interstices.
Antoine Rousseau
Maëlle Nodet
Sebastian Minjeaud
Pierre-Olivier Gaumin

Beneath the sea surface, there exists a vast network of ocean currents, which, like gigantic conveyor belts, transport huge water volumes. Although the real map of these currents is extremely complex, a couple of simple physical processes explain most of the large scale features.

We will look at the basic process leading to the displacement of huge water volumes. This process relies on the density difference between water masses. Computer experiments can help to grasp the concept, but we will see that a simple experiment can help too, which you can do at home with plastic bottles, straws and fruit syrup… 

For more information, see   There is also a French and a German version of the video that can be found following the download link. Here you can access the French version of the video directly.


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