Mathematics of Planet Earth


Mathematics of Planet Earth


Dozens of scientific societies, universities, research institutes and foundations from all over the world have come together to dedicate 2013 as a special year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth.

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Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) is an initiative of mathematical science organizations around the world designed to showcase the ways in which mathematical sciences can be useful in tackling our world’s problems. The exhibition “Mathematics of Planet Earth” was created by the community through a competition. The winning modules of the competition are now part of this open source exhibition and has been staged since 2013.

The MPE Open Source Exhibition is an international virtual exhibition of museum quality exhibits (called modules) on the theme of Mathematics of Planet Earth. The exhibition will continue to grow past its launch on March 5 2013 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The modules can be reproduced and utilized by many users around the world from science museums to schools. The exhibition has a virtual part, as well as several material parts. Copies of the material parts can be recreated or travel around the world, and the virtual modules are available on the basis of creative commons licenses.

All exhibits are demonstrating in one way or another the crucial role mathematics plays in planetary issues. The modules cover a wide variety of topics such as astronomy, fluid dynamics, the mathematics of volcanoes or glaciers and problems in cartography, as well as topics related to mobility, climate, and its future perspectives.

The virtual modules displayed in the exhibition come from an international competition organized by the initiative MPE, IMU, ICMI and IMAGINARY in 2013 and 2017. They are of four types: interactive modules, films, posters, and instructions to realize a physical module. The three winners of the first competition have received their prize at UNESCO during the MPE Day in March 2013, the three winners of the second competition have received their prize at the MPE exhibition at Imperial College in London in October 2017.

Additionally, several physical modules were realized by Centre•Sciences CCSTI of region Centre (Orleans-France) and Adecum, Association for mathematic culture development, under the leadership and supervision of Michel Darche. They will form the base of a traveling exhibition that could be rented.

The exhibition is still under development, new ideas and modules are welcome: See the MPE project for more information.

For more information on the Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative please look at: www.