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TsunamiLab was created by José Galaz on 2016 and developed with the help of Cigiden and Inria Chile since then. The hologram was developed at Inria Chile under the “Sin Limites” (unlimited, in spanish) program of the Innovation Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.


Software developmentJosé Galaz, Software developmentSebastián Pereira
Hologram deviceNatalia Osorio, Hologram deviceRené Rodríguez, Hologram deviceSebastian Pereira, Hologram deviceJosé Galaz
DesignGrazia Prato, DesignJosé Galaz, DesignSebastián Pereira, DesignNatalia Osorio, DesignRené Rodríguez

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TsunamiLab has been supported and funded by Inria Chile and Cigiden. It has also been supported by Team Lemon of Inria.

TsunamiLab is a web platfom that allows interactive simulation and visualization of tsunamis. It can be displayed as a normal website or as a hologram. Find more at tsunamilab.cl/hologram.

There exist areas with high seismic activity in our planet, in both its continents and oceans. In some cases, this seismic activity has caused tsunamis that have taken thousands of human lives and substantial economic losses. Furthermore, with the rising sea levels, these effects can only be amplified.

In the last decades there have been great advances in Tsunami Warning Systems that have allowed to react in seconds and urge people to evacuate. Here, one of the key ingredients has been mathematical modeling and computer simulations that allow to anticipate in real time the consequences of these phenomena.

By educating people about these warning systems, we would have a more confident, autonomous and resilient community. TsunamiLab allows to bring these simulation tools to the population so that through visualization they become familiar with these models that describe the behavior of the ocean in the course of a tsunami.

TsunamiLab is a web platform that can be accessed from any modern web browser. Also, It can represent a variety of tsunami scenarios since it is powered by a numerical model that allows such a flexibility. It solves the balance of forces and mass fluxes in the ocean for long waves triggered by the ocean floor movement during an earthquake. 

We have also improved this web platform so it can be displayed as an interactive hologram which allows and enhanced interactivity, with an attractive and novel display that has greater impact, ideal for a museum or exhibition, although it can also be reproduced at home or larger scales. Through this display, the user can observe the earth from different simultaneous perspectives in this augmented reality device.

We hope this tool can reach a broad audience, and help them to observe and learn of these natural disasters, developing a more resilient community in the process. 

Visit us on  tsunamilab.cl/hologram


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