Polyhedral Calendars 2017


Polyhedral Calendars 2017
The PDF file includes 53 nets for different polyhedral calendars.


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Founded in 2010, the House of Polyhedra is a permanent exhibition of polyhedra and polyhedral kaleidoscops. It offers many kinds of activities for children, schools, and teachers.
Izidor Hafner, Mateja Budin.
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MATHEMA and the House of Polyhedra

OpArt polyhedral calendars 2017 on Archimedean solids with icosahedral symmetry.

This collection includes:

  • 1 dodecahedron,
  • 8 truncated dodecahedra,
  • 8 truncated icosahedra,
  • 8 snub dodecahedra,
  • 8 rhombicosidodecahedra,
  • 8 icosidodecahedra, and
  • 12 truncated cuboctahedra

The 7 nets with various patterns are also available here.

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