IMAGINARY is an open and collaborative project. All contents are provided by the community. All activities are carried out jointly by our users. You can be part of IMAGINARY in many ways:

Become an IMAGINARY user

You can register for free at the IMAGINARY platform. As registered user, you can be contacted by others, share exhibits, write a blog entry and join projects. Look at the list of all recent users and their activities to find interesting new contributions.

Share your work and your ideas

IMAGINARY is your place to showcase your mathematical exhibits, from picture galleries, films, to software exhibits, hands-on modules or texts. Please contact us about any ideas you have.

Show exhibits and organize exhibitions

IMAGINARY’s unique feature is that all exhibits and exhibitions are available under an open license. We invite you to copy our exhibits, reproduce them, change them and create your very own mathematics exhibition. You can present an image gallery at your home, school or university, installing a software exhibit on a touch screen, do a workshop or public presentation or organize a full fledged exhibition or permanent museum installation.

Please contact us for support! We prepared many tools and guidelines

Join our team, join a project

We are constantly looking for new partner institutions and new IMAGINARY team members. As a partner you become an integral part of IMAGINARY. Please also consider joining one of our ongoing projects.

Meet other math outreach projects

IMAGINARY’s vision of math communication includes great interaction and collaboration with other math dissemination projects and institutions. Check our Map of Math Museums around the world, and our Newsletters with activities from our partners. If you are a professional of math dissemination, you can join the Math Communication Network to receive updates and interact with other institutions.