MathLapse Trailer


MathLapse Trailer


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Guillaume Jouvet is researcher at University of Zurich and chair of the MathLapse prize jury.

Trailer for the first MathLapse Festival, held at the IC16 Conference in Berlin.

A “MathLapse” (ML) is a new educational and artistic format, which is supposed to highlight the link between mathematics and real-world phenomena. The name MathLapse is inspired by the timelapse-technique in physics: By re-scaling time, phenomena that we cannot observe with the naked eye are visualized.

A ML is short, simple, self-contained and creative, and it should illustrate a single mathematical idea through true or virtual animated images. The content of a ML is diverse. For example, it can be a geometric animation or a time-lapse video that comes with mathematical equations and/or concise explanations.


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