Extreme Mandelbox Morphing


Extreme Mandelbox Morphing


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Created by Jérémie Brunet

Fractal animation showing variants of the Mandelbox fractal

This video is a panorama of the Mandelbox parameter space. The Mandelbox is a 3 dimensional fractal object discovered in 2010 by Tom Lowe and named after the father of fractal geometry Benoit Mandebrot. What we see here is actually a fixed cut in the middle of the Mandelbox, which has a cubic shape in general. This object exhibits the natural symmetries of a cube, but the iterated function that is used to generate it also uses the concept of symmetries intensely, most notably via the usage of a “folding” function that basically mirrors a point through different folding planes before going to the next iteration. This is translated graphically in the animation by the kaleidoscopic effects that can be seen around the 4 corners. For more details on the Mandelbox formula, please visit Tom Lowe’s website:https://sites. google.com/site/mandelbox/what-is-a-mandelbox


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