The Harmonic Series #1 - Laser


The Harmonic Series #1 - Laser




Authors of this exhibit: Manuela Donoso and Luisa Pereira.

Two notes can sound pleasant or jarring -consonant or dissonant - and everything in between. Sing with a friend and see how you sound.

This device produces figures from sound vibrations. When you sing into the microphone, the vibration of your voice is transmitted to the membrane of the speaker, and to the mirror attached to it. As it oscillates, the mirror reflects the laser point, turning it into a line. The line becomes a figure when reflected by the second mirror. If you two sing notes, the figure will be a curve. Consonant notes produce circles, infinity symbols, and other simple figures. The more dissonant the notes, the more complex the figures. Notice how the sounds your ears perceive as harmonious produce figures your eyes perceive as harmonious.

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