La La Lab - The Mathematics of Music


La La Lab - The Mathematics of Music

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La La Lab - the Mathematics of Music ​brings the visitor to an interactive exploration and discovery of music from a mathematical perspective.

La La Lab has been shown at MAINS in Heidelberg (May 17, 2019 - Dec 20, 2020)!
Please find all details on the venue and opening hours (in German). The exhibition is in English and German, entry is free!


Music and Mathematics share many similarities as fields of study. Both disciplines are abstract, have structures and manipulation rules, a well defined notation, and are absolutely precise in their results. Working on them requires practice and an analytical mind. It is no surprise that Mathematics and Music are closely related.

But their relationship goes far beyond an analogy. Mathematics is infused deeply in all aspects of Music, from the physics of sound to the crafting of instruments, from rhythmic patterns to tonal harmony, from classical to electronic music. Mathematics supports Music and our understanding of Art the same way as it supports Physics and our understanding of the World.

Hearing music with mathematical ears brings to the music lover understanding, appreciation for details, and a greater enjoyment of the art; and to the professionals the ability to compose and perform, and tools to express their creativity.

Conceived in collaboration with world renowned experts, La La Lab - the Mathematics of Music mixes a laboratory format with interactive exhibits to present visitors with the historical, conceptual, and philosophical connections between mathematics and music: from the centuries-old tools that musicians use for composing, to the most current research that pushes the boundaries of musical creativity and mathematical knowledge.

La La Lab: 1 minute walk-through from IMAGINARY gGmbH on Vimeo.

Please let us know, if you are interested in showing La La Lab at your museum, science centre, school or university. We are happy to offer help and assistance to produce or adapt the exhibits!