Solitons and Tsunamis

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Solitons and Tsunamis


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Michel Darche
Regis Goiffon

Solitons are solitary waves observed for the first time by the Scottish mathematician and engineer J. S. Russell in 1834. Solitons travel very long distances at a constant speed without loss of energy. Their speed is proportional to the square root of the deepness of the channel.

Solitons have remarkable properties: if a soliton moves faster than another one, it can pass with without any of the two waves being deformed after the passing.

Waves impossible to neutralize

Solitons can also cross when moving in opposite directions. The waves pass through each other with very small ultimate deformation. Tsunamis behave like solitons with very large wavelength. There is no point trying to send a counter wave to neutralize one.

Rogue waves also are to solitons. They could be 30 meters high and have a very steep slope.

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