10MM @ experimenta - Das Science Center Heilbronn


10MM @ experimenta - Das Science Center Heilbronn
1 Jun. 2022 hasta 4 Ago. 2022
experimenta. Das Science Center|Experimenta-Platz|Heilbronn|74072|DE

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10-Minute Museum: Climate Crisis Mathematics
This is a travelling museum you can visit in only 10 minutes. From 01.06.22 until 04.08.22 the exhibition is shown at experimenta in Heidelberg. You learn how mathematical models help us understand global warming and predict changes in the climate.

Through interactive applications, videos and animations, sound, experiments, 3D prints, and friendly explanations, we’ll show you:

  • How scientists run models of our planet on supercomputers to see multiple possible futures.
  • How we can know what Earth’s climate was like millions of years ago.
  • How we can transform wind and sea currents into equations.
  • What Global Warming sounds like.

… and many other things! In 10 minutes!


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