The Harmonic Series #3 - 3D display



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Authors of this exhibit: Manuela Donoso and Luisa Pereira. Programming: Luisa Pereira and Ricardo Dodds.


Sing into the microphone and move the synthesizer sliders to hear and see shifting chords.

This exhibit uses a 3D display device that produces 3D figures from three sound vibrations: two synthesizers and your voice. When you sing into the microphone, the vibration of your voice turns into an electricsignal, and then into a digital number (y). The two synthesizers produce their own numbers (x and z). The 3D figures you see are produced by plotting these (x,y,z) points as they change over time. Three notes playing at the same time form a triadic chord. These can be Major, Minor, Augmented, or Diminished. The most harmonious chords produce the simplest 3D images.

This exhibit runs on a 3d holographic display “Looking Glass”.