IMAGINARY at the ICM 2014


IMAGINARY at the ICM 2014
2014년 8월 12일 년월일 부터 2014년 8월 20일 년월일 까지
COEX|159 Samseong 1(il)-dong|Gangnam-gu|Seoul|135-731|KR



A collaboration between NIMS, ICM and the MFO.
Hyungju Park (Chair)
Wonju Jeon (Administrative coordinator)
Chulmin Kang (Installation manager)
Yeon Eung Kim (Coordinator)
Hyeji Kim (Translation)
Yongtak Jin (Translation, Internal Technical Support)

The National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS) presents a very special NIMS-IMAGINARY exhibition in collaboration with the ICM committee and the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO). It will feature the best of all IMAGINARY modules of the last years and a lot of new software, images, films and sculptures. It will be the biggest IMAGINARY exhibition shown so far.

IMAGINARY is an interactive mathematics exhibition and open platform for mathematical exhibits. It was originally developed for the Year of Mathematics 2008 in Germany and has grown into an international phenomenon with more than 120 exhibitions in 25 countries, attracting over 1 million visitors.

Its intention is to display visualizations, interactive installations, virtual realities, 3D objects and their theoretical background in a variety of mathematical fields, as for example algebraic geometry or differential geometry. 

The exhibition sets out to evoke interest and curiosity in mathematics. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibits and create their own mathematical artwork using special software. Demonstrators are available to give helpful insights into the theoretical background.

This special NIMS-IMAGINARY exhibition will be the biggest exhibition since the start of the project. It will be shown during the ICM 2014 in Seoul, for the first time in South Korea. It will feature the best interactive modules of IMAGINARY including new exhibits, which have not been shown yet at IMAGINARY exhibitions - from software programs to images and 3d sculptures.

Call for participation

Please note: the submission is closed. If you have interesting objetcs to contribute, please feel free to share them with us for possible future exhibitions.

We invite the mathematical community to share their latest visualizations, films, 3d sculptures or software programs. We would love to show the best new creations to the mathematicians visiting the ICM. As a criterion the modules have to be made available under an open source license, should be of high aesthetic value and communicate the underlying mathematics, for example through interactivity or good explanation texts.

The deadline for submissions is June 21, 2014 at 24:00 hours. Please submit your work either directly at the IMAGINARY platform or send us an email at To submit your work you have to register for free at the web platform under www. and then upload your work in one of the four categories:


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