Genomics Youth Camp in Karachi


Genomics Youth Camp in Karachi
2023년 11월 10일 년월일 부터 2023년 11월 12일 년월일 까지
TDF MagnifiScience Centre|Plot no 1 RY-15|R2W2+MWH Railway Quarter|Karachi|75530|PK


The TDF MagnifiScience Centre in Karachi hosts a three-day Genomic Youth Camp from November 10 to 12, organized by the Goethe Institut Pakistan. The event, held in collaboration with IMAGINARY and the University of Edinburgh, offers three days of workshops, interactive sessions, networking, and final project presentations.

The camp aims to explore the convergence of Genomics, Mathematics, and German language skills. Participants have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, decoding the languages of genes, machines, and humans.

Located at the TDF MagnifiScience Centre, the camp provides a dynamic platform for young minds to delve into the world of genomics. The program highlights the importance of interdisciplinary learning, emphasizing the relationship between Genomics, Mathematics, and linguistic skills. The camp concluded with participants presenting their final projects, showcasing the knowledge and insights gained over the three days.

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