[|||Desktop|||] Double click on the jar file or right click on it and select open with jre/jdk/java. Select museum from the menu for a touchscreen view. Or start it with java -jar frozenlight-1.2.2.jar -f -mu from the command line to get a touchscreen.If you are upgrading from version 1.1.1 delete the .frozenlight folder in your home directory before starting the 1.2.x version. [|||Android|||] Go to Configuration->Security and allow installation from unknown sources. Tap on the frozenlight-0.1.1.apk file in your file manager to install the app.


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A project byZoltan Palmer

Circular shaped mirrors which are arranged in a grid-like manner reflect a light ray according to the reflection law of geometric optics. While random positions of the light source produce chaotic reflection patterns, it is possible to position the light source so that beautiful symmetric reflection patterns are created.

The application allows you to interactively change parameters like light source position, circle radius and rotation angle of the lattice. Through a simple menu it is possible to select and explore a wide range of symmetric reflection patterns.

A main feature of the simple circle lattice model is that all reflection patterns depend sensibly on the given parameters meaning that the slightest change has a dramatic impact. Long numbers are therefore needed to reveal the intrinsic beauty of the model (see FroZenLight gallery).

Math exercises with solutions and further documentation are provided at the homepage.