Powergrid Dynamics Simulation



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The BmBF sponsored Condynet project.
Interactive simulation of power grid dynamics.

The website provides you with an interactive dynamic simulation of a fictional scandinavian power grid.

Set the co-rotating speed to 40 to see the (slowed down) dynamics of the 50Hertz power system.

You can now study the effects of disturbances at single nodes on the power grid. By clicking on a node, its phase φ and frequency ω are reset to values you can specify in the input form to the right. Set the phase pertubation to a value between +/-π and the frequency perturbation to a value between +/-15Hz. Observe how the nodes change their colour/ size and how the links change their width proportional to the phase/frequency and line loadings. Using such experiments, the CoNDyNet researchers attempt to answer questions like:

  • What is the probability to come back to a stable situation after a local perturbation?
  • What is the probability that all frequency deviations are strictly limited?
  • Can we use properties of the network structure to identify the most critical nodes in terms of the above questions?

Pleas note: Updated module

There is an updated module to run at interactive exhibitions (on a FULL HD touchscreen). This version has been optimized for FULL HD resolution and might not run smoothly on any other resolution. Please contact info@imaginary.org if you plan to show this module in an exhibition.