Artikel in Le Scienze über die IMAGINARY-Plattform

Artikel in Le Scienze über die IMAGINARY-Plattform
12 Mär. 2013

Die italienische Ausgabe von Scientific American, Le Science, hat einen schönen Beitrag von Roberta Fulci über den Start der IMAGINARY-Plattform veröffentlicht, der hier zu finden ist (auf Italienisch).

Haben Sie weitere Artikel über oder Erwähnungen von IMAGINARY in den Medien bemerkt? Falls ja, so lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen!

Kleines Update: Man kann sich hier auch ein Wissenschafts-Podcast von Roberta Fulci und Claudio Dutto anhören, in dem unter anderem IMAGINARY erwähnt wird.



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15 Jul. 2021

Registration is now open for the MATRIX × IMAGINARY Online Gathering that will take place on September 8 - 9, 2021

Join us to discover the future of mathematics engagement. Innovations in math museums, exhibitions, new formats, technologies, and inspiring ideas!

Register now!


12 Mär. 2021

On March 14, the International Day of Mathematics will be celebrated worldwide under the theme “Mathematics for a Better World”.

Organized by the International Mathematics Union, the IDM includes a mixture of virtual and face-to-face celebrations in 2021, on all continents: from Madagascar to Gambia, from Panama to Chile, from Albania to Malaysia, from Bangladesh to Australia, people all over the world (in...Weiterlesen

10 Jun. 2020

On June 10 2020 our latest exhibition I AM A. I. will launch in a digital format. Originally conceived as a travelling exhibition, due to the pandemic situation, we developed new formats to bring I AM A. I. into every household around the globe. Available on

14 Mär. 2020

On 14 March 2020, the first-ever International Day of Mathematics will take place, celebrating the beauty and importance of mathematics in our everyday lives. This recurring event, proclaimed by UNESCO and co-organized with the International...Weiterlesen

26 Nov. 2019

To celebrate the beauty and importance of mathematics and its essential role in everyone’s life the International Mathematical Union (IMU) has led the project to have UNESCO proclaim March 14 as the International Day of Mathematics (IDM). Today, on November 26th 2019, the 40th General Conference of UNESCO approved the Proclamation of March 14 (Pi Day) as the International Day of Mathematics.Weiterlesen