MusKI @ Gymnasium an der Willmsstraße


MusKI @ Gymnasium an der Willmsstraße
14 Dez. 2022 bis 14 Dez. 2022
Gymnasium an der Willmsstraße|Willmsstraße 3|Delmenhorst|27749|DE

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As part of our “MusKI” project, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, we offer free workshops on the topic of artificial intelligence and music. Experience how humans and machines can creatively interact in music and discover their respective limits.

In these two online workshops à 90 minutes we will playfully explore different concepts of artificial intelligence (e. g. how a neural network works) and try out how we can make music together with an AI. For this we will use so-called Explorables. These are programs that run in the web browser, so they don’t need to be installed separately. Explorables have a simple interface and can be tried out without prior knowledge. Thus, an intuitive understanding of individual aspects of the topic can be achieved without resorting to prefabricated answers.

These two workshop for a school are lead by IMAGINARY and organized in collaboration with KI Campus.