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Santa Àgata|Museu d'Història de la Ciutat|Plaça del Rei|Barcelona|ES


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Imaginary/BCN, the twelfth edition of RSME-IMAGINARY, has been exhibited in the Santa Àgata Gothic Chapel of the City History Museum at Plaça del Rei, in the historical centre of Barcelona.


IMAGINARY/BCN was an exhibition relating mathematics, art and patrimony, and was jointly organized by the Museum of History of Barcelona, MUHBA, the Societat Catalana de Mathematiques, SCM, and RSME.  The cultural representative councilor of the City of Barcelona, Jaume Ciurana, opened the exhibition on March 16th, 2012, in the rooms of the extraordinary Santa Àgata Gothic Chapel, situated in the same building as the Salon del Tinell at Plaça del Rei. Salvador Giner, the president of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Joan Solà-Morales, from the SCM, Joan Roca, from MUHBA, Antonio Campillo, from RSME, and the general coordinator, Sebastian Xambó, also participated. Local coordinator, Maria Alberich, joined the representatives of other partners involved in the organization of the exhibition, these include representatives from the four major universities of Barcelona, such as Ferran Dachs, Josep Brunat, the presidents of the Catalan and Barcelona Teacher Associations, Iolanda Guevara and Mireia López, and representatives fromMMACA and CREAMAT, Manel Udina and Josep Rey among others.

IMAGINARY/BCN included other exhibitions centered around advanced mathematics in paintings, architecture, and technology found in regional treasures of Barcelona. One of them was devoted to the, in its time, innovative contributions to the design and construction of subway stations in Barcelona, of the great mathematician, physician and engineer Esteve Terradas. Another one was devoted to mathematical aspects of  the gothic mural paintings by Ferrer Bassa in Saint Michael’s Chapel of the Monastery of Pedralbes; and yet another to the gothic rhythms in architecture of Tinell and Pedralbes Monastery; and lastly one on the mechanics of the Flemish Clock of the Cathedral, nowadays located at Santa Àgata Chapel. Furthermore, an exhibition of kaleidoscopes generating exceptional collections of reflections was also provided by the Museum of Mathematics of Catalonia, MMACA.


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