Talk "Interaktive Mathematik" @ Gauß-Vorlesung 2023 in Bielefeld


Talk "Interaktive Mathematik" @ Gauß-Vorlesung 2023 in Bielefeld
17 Kas. 2023'den 17 Kas. 2023'e kadar
University of Bielefeld|Faculty of Mathematics|Universitätsstraße 25|Bielefeld|33615|DE


The Gauß Lecture is an event organized twice a year in collaboration with the German Mathematical Society (DMV) and a partnering university. Its primary aim is to provide an insightful overview of current developments in the field of mathematics through talks delivered by renowned experts. This lecture series is committed to ensuring accessibility for both the academic community and the general public, thereby making mathematics more approachable and comprehensible for everyone.

Prior to the main lecture by Martin Hairer, recipient of the Fields Medal in 2014 and based at the EPF Lausanne, there will be a talk by IMAGINARY (Andreas Matt) on “interactive mathematics”. During this talk, attendees of the Gauß Lecture are encouraged to bring their tablets, laptops, or mobile phones. The presentation will be designed to actively engage the audience, featuring a wide array of interactive programs from IMAGINARY. This means attendees can experiment and play along with the content presented right from their own devices.


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