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Idea & Development: Michael Joswig, Georg Loho, Benjamin Lorenz, Rico Raber & the polymake team (, license: CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0. Stopwatch icon made by Dario Ferrando from (CC BY 3.0). Checkered icon and Drag Flick icon made Freepik from (CC BY 3.0). JavaScript 3D library three.js made by three.js authors (MIT license). JavaScript drag and drop library interact.js made by Taye Adeyemi (MIT license).


MatchTheNet is a game about 3-dimensional polytopes for a single player. You will meet the five Platonic Solids and their best friends!

In each round of the game you will see some polytopes on the top half of the window.

You can rotate them to look at them from all sides.

In the bottom half you will see the same number of planar nets.
These are unfoldings of polytopes into the plane.
The goal is to match the nets to the polytopes.
You can switch any pair of nets by moving one over the other.

MatchTheNet is available in English, French, and German, it features 7 levels of difficulties for a number of 2 up to 5 polytopes. The program is well suited for temporary or permanent installations in exhibitions and science museums.

MatchTheNet is based on polymake, which is open source software for research in polyhedral geometry.  It deals with polytopes, polyhedra and fans as well as simplicial complexes, matroids, graphs, tropical cycles, and more.

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