I AM A.I. exhibition @ phanTechnikum Wismar


I AM A.I. exhibition @ phanTechnikum Wismar
21 Okt. 2023 bis 3 Mär. 2024

Tuesday - Sunday: 10-17 hrs

phanTECHNIKUM|Zum Festplatz 3|Wismar|23966|DE

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From October 21, 2023 to March 3, 2024, the I AM A. I. exhibition will be showcased in Wismar. You can look forward to 14 exhibits about scientific concepts of AI, AI in art and creativity, and AI and its societal impact.

How does a machine recognize the words we speak? What does it mean to understand something? And what is “reinforcement learning”? Let artificial intelligence explain these questions to you in the special exhibition “I AM A. I. - explaining artificial intelligence” at phanTECHNIKUM.

The traveling exhibition “I AM A. I.” is developed and financed by IMAGINARY and the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung.


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