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The 3DFS Consortium is an international volunteer group of mathematicians that has assumed responsibility for the further development of 3D-XplorMath. Their efforts to improve the program as a tool for curriculum enhancement is supported by a CCLI Grant from the US National Science Foundation.


DeveloperRichard Palais, DeveloperHermann Karcher

3D_XPLORMATH is one of the most comprehensive programs to explore mathematics. Countless objects, animations and possibilities invite the user to even experience them using 3D glasses!

The program presents itself as series of galleries of different categories of interesting mathematical objects, ranging from planar and space curves to polyhedra and surfaces to ordinary and partial differential equations, and fractals. Morever, the carefully chosen default parameters and viewing options may be changed by the user so that each gallery is turned into a experimental lab. Each exhibit has its own online documentation with suggestions for how to explore it further. We hope in this way to make the program useful to the interested layperson, the teacher, and the research scientist.

Website of the program and download link: http://3d-xplormath.org

Visit our Virtual Math Museum to explore surfaces, curves, polyhedra, knots, fractals, etc. in your web browser: http://virtualmathmuseum.org

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