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Piano Genie was created by Chris Donahue, Ian Simon, Sander Dieleman and is part of the Google Magenta project. This version is an adaptation by IMAGINARY.


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Carl Zeiss Foundation

Have fun pretending you’re a piano virtuoso with the help of AI. Use the 1-8 numbered keys in your keyboard or touch the colored buttons to play a full 88 key piano. The more you pretend to be a real player, the better the AI will make you sound.

When playing you decide the timing of the notes and have some control over the “shape” of the melody: whether it should move up or down in pitch, and by how much. The “Piano Genie“ AI will assist you by choosing which piano keys to play to make you sound more like a professional player. “Piano Genie“ was programmed without coding in any theoretical rules about harmony or composition. Its AI is based on a neural network that was trained with 1400 performances from the International Piano e-Competition. We can say that through this training it learned on its own, and by example, what piano music should sound like.

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