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Program created by IMAGINARY for the Mathematics Department of the University of Luxembourg.


Original ideaPieter Belmans
Design and ImplementationDaniel Ramos, Design and ImplementationChristian Stussak

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The University of Luxembourg and the PSP-Classic program of the Fonds National de la Recherche (Luxembourg).

Graphs (or networks) are geometric objects consisting of vertices and edges. We can build infinitely many graphs, but we can classify them in families depending on their properties, using what we call “invariants”. Discover how mathematicians classify graphs with this interactive app!

With this web app, you can draw any graph, or select one from a collection, and then compute a few invariants that will tell you some geometric properties of it. In the Identify mode, you are challenged to find out which of the graphs in the collection is that shown as a target. Using the invariants will help you in that task.

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