AI Jam at the MS Wissenschaft German Science Boat


AI Jam at the MS Wissenschaft German Science Boat
16 Mayo. 2019 hasta 3 Oct. 2019

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Our exhibit AI Jam will be sailing the rivers of Germany from May 16th and until October, as part of a floating science exhibition about Artificial Intelligence on board of the MS Wissenschaft.

AI Jam is a software exhibit that plays musical duets with visitors. Its purpose is to show ways in which artificial intelligence can be used to produce music along with humans.

Visitors interact with it using a piano keyboard and drum pads, which makes the interaction simple and natural. A screen shows the notes played (both by human and AI), and provides some limited selection of playing parameters and modes.

MS Wissenschaft – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - What exactly is AI? Do people and machines learn in similar or different ways? What are the benefits and risks of AI? The exhibition on board the MS Wissenschaft in 2019 showcases hands-on exhibits, which demonstrate current research and provides insight into the development and application of Artificial Intelligence.

Visitors can experience for example how image and voice recognition work. Whether you’re an AI professional or just a beginner, you can test and expand your knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. At another exhibit, guests help to build a database for AI training. Chess players can compete with the historical computer KC85. Music enthusiasts can compose music together with AI and judge for themselves whether creativity plays a role. Sports fans can play against a virtual handball goalkeeper and art lovers can transform their own image into an impressionist artwork using an “intelligent” mirror.

The exhibition is a central component of the German Science Year 2019 – Artificial Intelligence, announced by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialogue, WiD). The exhibition is intended particularly for schools, young people and families and is recommended for visitors 12 years and over. Admission is free.

The tour will start in Berlin, where the exhibition will be open during the following times:

Thursday, 16.05., 13:30–19:00
Friday, 17.05., 10:00–19:00
Saturday, 18.05., 10:00–19:00
Sunday, 19.05., 10:00–19:00

More information about the MS Wissenschaft, including cities and dates: (in German)


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