Linear Algebra III - part B

General background material

Linear Algebra III - part B

This digital publication is availbale in German and contains the unfinished last parts of lecture notes to a course given by Egbert Brieskorn in the 1980s at the University of Bonn, edited from the Nachlass. In these lectures Brieskorn merged modern presentations of Linear Algebra with topics of classical geometry more closely than usual at the time and probably also today. The central subjects of the present volume are the Theory of Polyhedra and Geometrical Crystallography. These subjects are presented in a way which is suited to build a passage from the introductory lectures on Linear Algebra to more demanding topics of mathematics and its applications.

Please find part A of Linear Algebra III here.

Mathematical subjects

Algebra and Number Theory
Geometry and Topology
Egbert Brieskorn
Erhard Scholz



Brieskorn LAIII-B

More general background material

Mathematical subjects

Algebra and Number Theory
Didactics and Education
Discrete Mathematics and Foundations
Geometry and Topology
Numerics and Scientific Computing
Probability Theory and Statistics

Connections to other fields

Chemistry and Earth Science
Computer Science
Engineering and Technology
Humanities and Social Sciences
Life Science
Reflections on Mathematics

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