Cinderella Applets


Cinderella Applets 2011 Edition (ar,de,en,he,kr,nl,no,tr,zh_t)

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ProgrammingJürgen Richter-Gebert, ProgrammingUlrich Kortenkamp

Important notice: Unfortunately the Cinderella applets no longer work “out of the box”. There are two alternative ways, though:

1 - For a modern and up to date version of the Cinderella applets check our Math to Touch software based on CindyJS, the Javascript version of Cinderella. 

2 - Just install Cinderella - the free dynamic geometry software and use it to open the .cdy source files. You find all Cinderella applet (cdy files) in the /en directory of the github repository.

Simply create geometrical constructions of different types, i. e. applications in non-Euclidian geometry, fractals or symmetry groups. Additionally, virtual physics simulations using masses, electric charge, fields, etc. can be carried out. All experiments are easily drawn with the mouse and get alive with a single click. Some of the applications presented have been devised especially for IMAGINARY. You can find special collections for mathematics and minerals, biology, physics, music or nature.