Virtual SURFER exhibition


Virtual SURFER exhibition
2021년 4월 10일 년월일 부터 2021년 4월 11일 년월일 까지

1st day  April 10th (Sat) 9:00~17:00 (JST)

2nd day   April 11th (Sun)9:00~17:00 (JST)   *Core time 11:00~12:00 10th & 11th (JST) Staff will stay at communication area


This exhibition in VR which visitors can participate for free, through smartphones or PC, as well as VR devices(Oculus Quest).You can share this exhibition room with friends. It is easy to use voice chat and text chat in your exhibition room.


 The aim of this exhibition is sharing beauty of mathematics.

  1. the SURFER software
  2. the film Surfer - Imaginary on Vimeo
  3. Images



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