Pre-release Mathina online test day


Pre-release Mathina online test day
27 mai. 2021 au 27 mai. 2021

4 p. m. to 6 p. m.


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Thanks to ERASMUS and the five partners to collaborate to realize Mathina.

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The project is now in the final stages, and we would like to show it to teachers and anyone interested to get feedback on what could be improved here and there.

We have developed exciting stories for children aged 4 to 19 who deal with various math topics. For example, encryption (of secret messages), symmetry (of cuddly toys), logic (when solving puzzles), and spatial imagination (when flying kites).
Each topic has content tailored to four different age groups. Interactive applets are integrated into the individual chapters, which convey the content intuitively and are also fun. It is planned to make the offer freely available on a platform in several languages under an open license (German, English, Portuguese, Italian).


We present the materials and their possible use in lessons or other educational offers.

The event takes place online and is free of charge.

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We look forward to meeting you!