MatchTheNet at Maison de Fermat


MatchTheNet at Maison de Fermat
From Jan. 28, 2017
Maison Natale de Pierre Fermat|Fermat Science|3 rue Pierre Fermat|Beaumont de Lomagne|82500|FR

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Claire Adélaïde Montiel – présidente of FS
Maryvonne Spiesser – vice- présidente of FS
Thomas Ricaud - manager
Sabine Boltana (responsable) – Véronique Sauzède - Valentin Picard – Emie Uzureau – Camille Bize : the team of FS’s médiators
Arnaud Chéritat
Jean-Pierre OTAL


The game MatchTheNet is now permanently installed at Maison de Fermat!


In the world of fascinating Mathematics : Fermat Science aims to promote and popularize mathematics, heritage and culture through the character and work of the famous mathematician Pierre Fermat.



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