IMAGINARY at the museum4.0 conference


IMAGINARY at the museum4.0 conference
Nov. 1, 2021 to Nov. 2, 2021
Humboldt Forum|Schlossplatz|Berlin|10178|DE

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museum4punkt0 presents its projects in a retrospective, impulse lectures and films. Experts invite you to discuss developments in digital change in culture.

IMAGINARY presented its Lively Exhibitions project, which is a system that allows fast and dynamic curation of exhibitions from videos and photos donated to a museum by their community.

Museum staff can easily assemble an exhibition by selecting images from the system’s collection and placing them on different screens in the space. This live prototype can be constructed and previewed from the museum floor using a mobile device. The system assists the curation by suggesting other images that fit the theme, location, year, colors, or other categories.
The system empowers the museum community to participate in the creation of exhibitions. They can donate images easily through a website, even from their phones during a visit. The system makes incorporating donations very quick, with an inbox to review the material, and automatic processing to make format adjustments and simple corrections.

Lively Exhibitions is a project by the Fasnachtsmuseum Schloss Langenstein, a project partner of museum4punkt0, developed by IMAGINARY.



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