International Pi Day at XJTLU


International Pi Day at XJTLU
Mar. 13, 2024 to Mar. 13, 2024

14.00 pm 13th March

No. 111 Ren'ai RD|Suzhou|215123|CN

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The school of mathematics and Physics

The school of Mathematics and Physics has organized the Pi day activity, initiated by the international Pi day and includes mathematical different games in the celebration event at XJTLU.

March 14 is known as Pi Day or the International Day of Mathematics. To celebrate Pi Day, we are excited to announce that the School of Mathematics and Physics will be hosting an interactive event with the theme “Play with Math”. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase the charm of mathematics and challenge your intellect. We sincerely invite you to participate enthusiastically and enjoy this grand feast of mathematics with your fellow students.


The event will include mathematical experiments, puzzles and games, such as Buffon’s needle problem, the art gallery and fortress problem, map coloring and finding Euler path, tower of Hanoi, 15 puzzle, nim game …, each of which will allow you to experience the fun and beauty of mathematics. Whether you are a mathematics enthusiast or have only a passing familiarity with mathematics, this event will bring you unexpected surprises and joy.


Event Time: Wednesday, March 13th, 2:00 PM 

Event Location: Sunken plaza near the MB building, North Campus


We look forward to your active participation and enthusiastic support. Let’s play with math together and feel the charm of mathematics! Thank you!