Epita-dodecahedron @ Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Tallinn


Epita-dodecahedron @ Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Tallinn
Nov. 18, 2015 to Nov. 22, 2015
Animated Dreams|Tallinn|EE

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The film Epita-Dodecahedron will be screened in the program
Austrian Animated Experiments - 30 Years ASIFA AUSTRIA at the
Animated Dreams, 17th international Animation Film Festival, Tallinn (Estonia)

The 3D animated geometry film Epita-Dodecahedron a visualization of the Poincaré dodecahedral space was selected by the curatorial team (Franziska Bruckner, Holger Lang and Stefan Stratil) of the ASIFA AUSTRIA  to be shown at the Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival in Tallinn. 


Animated Dreams is the oldest and biggest festival of animated films in Estonia. In addition to showcasing the work of Estonian directors, it is designed to promote and popularise animation culture from around the globe.

A unique festival, Animated Dreams was launched in 1999 and has gone on to become one of the most respected and competitive animation festivals in the world.


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