IMAGINARY as part of MaRDI @ CoRDI conference 2023


IMAGINARY as part of MaRDI @ CoRDI conference 2023
12 Eyl. 2023'den 14 Eyl. 2023'e kadar
KIT Karlsruhe|Str. am Forum 1|Karlsruhe|76131|DE


The MaRDI (Mathematical Research Data Initiative) consortium will be present at the 1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI), featuring three talks and two posters. IMAGINARY is part of the MaRDI consortium’s efforts in the “data culture and community integration” task area. This task area will specifically present the poster “Spreading the Love for Mathematical Research Data” during the conference.

Talks of the MaRDI consortium:

12.09.23, Section Natural Sciences II
- MaRDI: Building Research Data Infrastructures for Mathematics and the Mathematical Sciences
- MaRDIFlow: A Workflow Framework for Documentation and Integration of FAIR Computation

13.09.23: Section Harmonising RDM I
- Building Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs from Mathematics and its Applications

13.09.23: Poster Session II
- MaRDMO Plugin: Document and Retrieve Workflows Using the MaRDI Portal
- Spreading the Love for Mathematical Research Data


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