New exhibit "Citizen Quest" - opening @ Futurium


New exhibit "Citizen Quest" - opening @ Futurium
2023년 8월 24일 년월일 부터 2023년 8월 24일 년월일 까지

17:00 - 20:00

Futurium|Alexanderufer 2|Berlin|DE



What does the future of democracy look like? “Citizen Quest - Shape the Future of Democracy” offers insights into this. The exhibit opened on August 24, 2023, in the Futurium Lab.

In the game, up to three players are set in a virtual city and have the task of advancing democratic decision-making processes. The game consists of various storylines. For instance, the players need to determine how people feel about constructing a giant Ferris wheel to attract more tourists to the city. Or how to address challenges like bears being present in urban spaces or the installation of AI-powered cameras. In doing so, players navigate through controversial opinions of animal advocates, scientists, or concerned citizens to arrive at the best possible decision that takes into account everyone’s perspective.

The concepts conveyed in the decision-making process are future-oriented or aligned with modern concepts of digital democracy. The game allows players to experience how these concepts work - citizens’ assemblies involving nature or animals, algorithmic decision systems, and more. The goal of each game is to involve as many stakeholders as possible in a decision-making process. There are variables regarding the status of digital democracy in the city. How accessible is a piece of information to citizens? Who can participate in decision-making processes, and how? How well do the stakeholders listen to each other, and how much do they know about each other? Players have the task of improving this status, such as providing more information or involving even more citizens. They can divide tasks among themselves or discuss whom they’ve encountered or where support can be found.

The aim of Citizen Quest is to show that democracy has a lot to do with decision-making processes and consensus-building. The way we listen to each other matters. The more people are involved, the more empathy is generated. A decision won’t always be the best decision for everyone, but the more the reasons leading to a decision are known, the better it can be embraced by all.

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