Modern Mathematics Communications — An Asian Focus

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Modern Mathematics Communications — An Asian Focus

The article introduces IMAGINARY, a project that started out as a single mathematics exhibition and has since grown into a full non-profit organisation over the last ten years. It tries to address questions such as: ‘How can we best communicate mathematics?’, with interactive and stimulating exhibitions, online resources, and exploring any imaginable way to communicate mathematical concepts. One of its defining features is that it also addresses current mathematics research topics. Here we will give an overview of past events, and exhibitions organised by IMAGINARY with a focus on Asia, as well as to give a how to guide to how future mathematics related exhibitions and events can be organised and implemented.

Sujet mathématique

Pédagogie et éducation
Andreas Daniel Matt, Antonia S J S Mey and Bianca Violet



Modern Mathematics Communications — An Asian Focus

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Sujet mathématique

Algèbre et théorie des nombres
Pédagogie et éducation
Mathématiques discrètes et fondements des mathématiques
Géométrie et Topologie
Calcul numérique et calcul scientifique
Théorie des probabilités et statistique

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Chimie et sciences de la terre
Ingénierie et technologie
Humanités et sciences sociales
Sciences de la vie
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