Berlin Premiere of Head, Heart and Soul


Berlin Premiere of Head, Heart and Soul
28 fév. 2019 au 28 fév. 2019
SPEKTRUM | art science community|Bürknerstraße 12|Berlin|12047|DE

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The film Head, Heart and Soul by Ekaterina Eremenko will have its first screening in Berlin. Assistant director Giulio Rasi, camera Mikhail Khursevich, additional camera Sergey Amirdjanov editor Philipp Gromov in cooperation with IMAGINARY.


Six university professors of math and physics wanted to share the beauty of their research. They organize a competition with the hope of inspiring artists to create ground breaking pieces, based on modern science. A jury of six experts in art, fashion and architecture were invited to judge the results. One may think, that in contrast to mathematical beauty, artistic beauty can be appreciated without a complete understanding. Unexpectedly, mathematical rigor is replaced by artistic rigor; the overconfidence of scientists in the beauty of their research clashes with the modern artists world view. A film by Ekaterina Eremenko 2018 EEFilms

The film is part of the Math Creations project (, by SFB/TRR 109 and SFB 647 in collaboration with IMAGINARY.