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Andrea Hawksley, Vi Hart, Henry Segerman, Mike Stay, Sabetta Matsumoto


Virtual simulations of three-dimensional non-euclidean spaces, available at and h2xe.

These are designed to work with the HTC Vive virtual reality system, on mobiles phones that have gyroscopes, and on ordinary computers.

Links: h3.hypernom.comh2xe.

These simulation use WebVR, so they run directly in the browser. For use with the HTC Vive, we currently recommend the Firefox browser, since it supports WebVR in the default version. Press “v” then “enter” to get the graphics on the headset screens. Keys 1 through 9 change the decoration shown in the tiling, and “c” cycles through colour schemes.

On mobile phones, any browser should work: you can rotate your view by turning the phone and hold a finger to the screen to move forwards. On desktop computers, the wasd keys rotate the view, while the arrow keys move you through the space.

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