2022 Science Fair in Prague


2022 Science Fair in Prague
Jun. 2, 2022 to Jun. 4, 2022

10 am - 6 pm

2022 Science Fair in Prague|PVA Výstaviště EXPO Praha – Letňany|Beranových 667|Prague|199 00|CZ

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The Czech Academy of Sciences CAS organizes annually the Science Fair in Prague, where the exhibits of CAS institutes aim at attracting general audience to science and are the platform for presenting their research topics in a popular way.

The exhibit of the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences will include examples of the mathematical journals published by the Institute (among them, the oldest one from 1872), and paper 3-dimensional geometric models.  Visitors can take part in a quiz where they will be asked to find the right net corresponding to a concrete paper model. Visitors will learn the answer to the question “what is it that mathematicians actually do?” and learn about the digital library project which the Institute is involved in. On the walls of the exhibition box there will be posters presenting selected Abel prize winners - this is our latest project aimed at bringing the public closer to outstanding mathematicians and their achievements.

Additionally, the exhibit will present the beauty of mathematics through interactive mathematical software – visitors will have fun playing on a digital touch screen, using mathematical programs made available by the IMAGINARY platform: https://imaginary.org/


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